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February 10th, 2012, 10:54 AM
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I have never posted on this board but when I read what you wrote, I kept finding myself going "Uh huh. Uh huh."

First of all my son is 2 & is undiadnosed. He's been working with a special instructor for nearly a year now & an SLP & behavioral therapist for 6 months. His therapists, his father & I & his doctor all believe there is something going on whether it is a straight neurological condition or possibly another medical condition affecting his neurology.

My son has behavioral issues & sleep problems as well. He also has a speech disorder. My in laws refused to believe anything was wrong for the longest time, and even now, they believe it one minute & the next they are back in denial. They do not blame us for my son's actions though, but my mother in law (a generally sweet lady) has laughed at me before for pointing out an oddity in my son's behavior. (The ped thought he was having seizures, when we showed my mom in law what my son was doing, she laughed & said "He's just playing!)

My mother knows that something is wrong now, but in the past, she did blame us, saying that "He's just a brat." Her solution is that, if we'd spank him, he wouldn't have problems. So I know how you feel. There's nothing like being told that you're a bad parent & that's what is wrong with your child, when you are doing all you can to try and curb your kids behavior.

People that don't have a child with issues don't understand just what it's like. It's not their fault, but it is their fault to be so closed minded to refuse to believe there is something wrong when the test results are staring them right in the face, like your childs sleep study was.

I don't know that there is anything you can do to get her to understand. Hopefully in time she will see. Good luck!
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