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February 10th, 2012, 03:46 PM
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CD 32, 10 DPO ~ Cycle #8

I was so happy when I saw my temp jump this morning. As much as I'm not trying to analyze things (you see how well I'm NOT doing that..LOL), it made me happy to see the spike. I even temped a second time to see if it was right, and the second temp was the same, so yay! Last time I had a spike around this time, the drop began the next day, so we'll see what happens.

Feeling good otherwise. Not as tired today as I've been in the past. Still have sore bbs. Had a 15 min bout of cramps that I almost took something for, but as soon as I started to think about taking something, they had one last oomph and then faded away.

I did break down and test today since it's DH's bday and it would have been nice to give him a little extra present, but BFN (not surprised).

Work has been slow today too, which has definitely been nice (it's been slow all week). Soon we'll be gearing up for our annual inventory and that's always a lot of "fun".

Looking forward to a yummy din din tonight and tomorrow night as we celebrate DH's bday
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