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February 11th, 2012, 05:23 AM
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so far as BD goes were back on track with no further problems so hopefully it was just a freak one-off event. I hope so because it didnt half worry me!

this morning my temp went up but i dont know if that is because i O'd or because im full of cold and got a really sore throat thanks to my boss at work, shes been all full of germs all week so im in no doubt iv caught it off her. plus the fact that we've had snow all week for the first time all winter doesnt help at all. grrr im very grumpy today i hate being sick. currently im tucked up in bed with my quilt, some hall soothers (throat sweets) and watching rubbish saturday morning tv. i hope i feel better soon as its my little brothers 21st birthday tomorrow so im going home to see him and have dinner with my family.

i hope everyone elses weekend is going better than mine...

on a slightly optimistic / crazy TTC note - iv noticed when reading some other jounrals that ladies got their BFP on cycles when they were sick so this could be a blessing in disguise! a girl can hope eh?

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