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February 11th, 2012, 05:46 AM
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Well I've had two days of steroid injections and wow did they hurt. Right into the muscle of of butt. They the fun started. My heart started racing it was like I had frank 20 cups of coffee. They twins were wired as well kicking mad.
Which meant between them and me I didn't sleep for 2 days except an hr here and there.
And then awful heartburn to go with it.
But at least I know that their lungs are stronger now just in case i go early so it was worth it.
Today is the 1st day I feel normal after the injections heart seems to be back to normal.

Sleep has become very hard. With my back pain and heartburn I just can'y get comfortable. I've about 6 pillows around me so I can sit up and bit and support my back and between my knees.
Poor Maurice has only a bit of the bed left so he goes into the spare room a few nights so he can get a nights sleep.

I have to say I'm loving them kicking away and they are getting stronger every day. And more often.


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