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February 12th, 2012, 01:48 PM
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I counted 4 dreams last night. 2 are blurry, but one was surely a sex dream about DH. thank God, it's not my boss, I'd look at him funny tomorrow at work
The other one I remember was a very elaborate "it's the end of the world" dream, with me walking on the street with one of my bff's holding hands and the sky turned black with enemy planes and we could clearly see small round bombs dropping near us. And I remember turning to her, squeezing her hand and saying: we will die now. But to my surprise, we just stayed alive and kept moving on a path of stones with water all around us. At first, we couldn't see in the dark, the path was thin and stones were missing but after some insecure steps we could easily see our way and the patch was full with stones. I hope this means something good for her. Maybe it's nothing, but I'll surely be happy to hear some great news from her soon.
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