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February 12th, 2012, 03:30 PM
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So I was shopping today at Target with my kiddos. I had to make the mad dash to the bathroom so I drag my 7 year old with me. The bathroom is pretty full, I run in my stall and tell her to stand on the outside of my door. After I finish puking my daughter Gracee says " Mom, did you pee in your pants again when you threw up?" at this point all I am thinking is OMG did she really just say that? I just very calmly responded" yes I did a little thanks for asking." all I can hear in the bathroom are grown ladies giggling. Then a couple chimed in about isn't that the way it goes. I had to talk to her about how her saying stuff like that embarrasses me and I really don't want everyone knowing that I have a tendency to pee in my pants when I puke. She was then super shocked that as old as I am (29) that I still get embaressed. What am I gonna do with this girl, she is a mess. Lol
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