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February 12th, 2012, 05:21 PM
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So Friday and Saturday I had + OPKs. I woke up Saturday with a very nice temp spike but then this morning my temp went back down. So I am patiently waiting for tomorrow to come and see what my temps do. I did test again today and I don't know if I should consider it pos or not. The line was definitely not darker but more like the exact same color and pretty close to the same thickness so I'm thinking tomorrow it should be a lot litter again.

I was really upset Friday because we did NOT get to BD. It was a friend's birthday and DH works until 6 and he needed shovel the driveway and shower after work, and then head right too dinner. DH ended up drinking a little to much that night and when we got home we both crashed! I'm really hoping missing Friday isn't going to be a big deal since we been really good about bding all last week (That makes it should like such a chore).

One more thing to report on the ttc front, is have not seen a speck of EWCM. I know I don't normally see a lot but the last few months I have been surprisingly seeing some, even if it's a little and I haven't even been able to find a drop... I'm just afraid of having an anovulatory cycle with my temps. I guess we will wait and see.

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