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February 13th, 2012, 09:52 AM
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CD 33/34, 11/12 DPO ~ Cycle #8

I didn't update over the weekend, so here's my weekend update (I'll update on today later on).

Saturday I woke up and was still tired (as is normal for me these days). I was supposed to go to dog classes, but drove part way there, stopped at DQ for some food, then turned around and went home. I decided that getting a dose of Vitamin D was way more important than my dog classes. So I took a 3 hour nap in the living room (which is filled with sun during the day) and felt much better.

Then we had DH's bday dinner with his side of the family and that was soo yummy.

TTCwise, no new symptoms, still just sore BBs and tired.

Yesterday I had classroom work for my dog classes, so I went to that, then went to inlaws for sunday night dinner (we do that every week).

TTCwise, still just sore bbs and tired. Also had some twinging going on, but no cramps. Also, last night I had some minor spotting. Put my diva cup in just in case it went to AF last night and when i took it out there was a (TMI!) VERY VERY VERY minor amount of the brownish red stuff. No further spotting today.
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