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February 13th, 2012, 11:15 AM
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I fail at being around regularly (I forget to come down here a lot). Sorry it took a while to answer!

But I have taken Zoloft in both of my pregnanies. And plan to for any in the future (god willing). It is a pretty personal decision, since there are certainly positives and negatives to weigh out beforehand. It is good you are thinking about it before you even concieve.

For me, I decided not to take them in the first trimester. BUT, I had been in recovery for a couple years before I got pregnant and felt a little more secure that my moods could be seperate from my eating disorder. I would not have risked it if I was less than a year in recovery. I also see a therapist weekly, so I knew that anything I was having trouble with would be able to be addressed and I could potentially use other coping skills. That said, it was still a relief to start my meds again at 14 weeks.

My boys are healthy and perfect. I was way calmer and sane during my pregnancies than I would have been if I had not been taking the meds for the whole nine months. I really do think my boys benefitted from having a relaxed pregnant mom. And that they benefit from having a medicated mom in general. I get obsessed and edgy when I am not on my meds (I recently had an issue with different generics and have noticed the difference in my behavior, although not related to my eating disorder, which has been dormant for about 5 years now).

So again, it is totally a personal decision. But do what you need to do to be mentally healthy for your kids. It will benefit everyone. Good luck with TTC and your decision
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