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February 13th, 2012, 03:16 PM
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So I stopped to get a pregnancy test and of course my landlord was right there and started up a conversation with me so we left.

The kids were melting down and there was no way they were going to attempt another store.

So I asked my husband to get me one on his way home but I'll be asleep when he gets home so it'll be tomorrow when I test with the FRER. I'll test with the wondfo again at around 6:30 tonight.

For what it's worth, my temp has been up at 99.5 for most of the day. My normal temp is 97. This happened when I was pregnant with Sam and a big reason I knew I was pregnant then.

Holly, I am on CD 29 but this is only my third PP AF and it has been different lengths each time so this cycle was totally a shot in the dark. I generally have a very text book cycle. This cycle we only DTD on CD 18 and that's the last day of 2 days that I noticed ewcm.
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