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February 13th, 2012, 04:33 PM
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Mid 30's near Atlanta today. We are expecting sleet/rain/snow mix tonight, but it will be gone by morning since it's not supposed to drop below freezing. This week has been really cold for us, but overall, it's been a super mild winter.
Last year was worse- We had a suprise snow/ice storm that ended with 7 inches of snow topped with an inch or two of ice. Since that's so unusual for this area, we aren't equipped to handle it. Roads were not passable (something like only 4 snow plows in the entire metro area) and we were housebound for almost a week. We ran out of everything! I was not prepared and thought I was going to have to potty train the 17 month old because we were running out of diapers! The grocery stores were closed and when they opened the shelves were empty- I ended up making lots of baked goods from scratch just so we'd have something to eat because we had run out of almost everything, so I'm happy for a warm winter this year!
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