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February 14th, 2012, 08:09 AM
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Christy!!! THANKS so much!!! I ALWAYS wanted a October baby!! so Im excited that Im going to hopefully get one!!!

well last tuesday I went in for a yearly exam and my doctor decided that I needed to go on bcp's or the lupron depot shot because my endo had gotten so bad... so i was devastated! I went and picked up the bcp's that night and started taking them... by sat. I was completely fine with taking a break! and was actually starting to get excited about getting back in shape and just working on me! and being able to travel and do a lot of fun stuff with just Mark and I! well on Sunday I was telling Mark that I thought I should just take a test just to MAKE SURE I WASNT pregnant! lol so I took the test jumped in the shower and when I got out of the shower I was like OMGOSH!!!! and Mark said "what its a BFN?" I said " NO theres 2 LINES!!!" he said "no theres not!" and I showed him the test! so then I immedatly grabbed a digi and dumped in my pee cup! lol while I was sitting there waiting for the results I was crying and shaking! Mark was just completely SHOCKED! like he was stuck in the shower! lol then the word "pregnant" showed up on the test! it was CRAZY!!! we are just shocked! and it took Mark a few days to really get excited because of being in shock! lol last night I was telling him something that we needed to do before the baby comes and he said "WHAT baby?" lol I said "the one in my belly!" its funny because EVERY Time I would say something before about doing this or that before the baby he would ALWAYS say that! and this time I actually DO HAVE A BABY IN THE BELLY!!!!
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