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February 14th, 2012, 03:15 PM
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Short answer: 6 hours, about 1 hour pushing.

Long answer:
I was induced at 38w4d due to IUGR. At 9am the doc administered cervical gel and sent me home. I returned at 3pmto find that I was still not dialated at all, so they put in more gel and admitted me for the evening.

I spent a few hours walking stairs at the hospital to see if I could get things going. I did get what seemed to be strong BH contractions...but nothing intense or painful.

at 10pm my nurse was taking me off of the monitors when my water broke. Labor then took off fast and furious. I was almost immediately in extreme unmanageable pain, and when the nurse told me I was only at a 3-4 I changed my birth plan and requested an epi.

Given the time of night, the anesthesiologist didn't get there until 2am. I had my epi in by 3am. The nurses didnt check my progress pre-epi.... as soon as it was in, they checked and I was at 10cm (doh!). I had to wait an hour for the epi to wear off...then pushed for an hour.
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