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February 15th, 2012, 09:43 AM
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I could finally set time to do this.
It was in the middle of the night as I was wide awake. I listened to the piano piece. Thank you for sharing that. I just loved it. So this is what happened.
First I listened to the music once. Then I began the visualization but helped myself by placing my hand over the chest where I was to visualize the colors swirling. Somehow my hands wanted to be there as I also tried to placed them on the side but not. I began to visualize the colors swirling and they would come together and apart, together and apart but mostly together. While in this I realized my breathing was just so easy like when after you do yoga or a breathing exercise for a while. While visualizing the swirl, images of the ocean would come to me a lot (particularly a place close to my house where the water ir turrquoise, it's a bay where I have healed myself many times in the past by swimming and touching the rocks underwater)...and also the dream of my daughter a long ago that I told you about came up too as it was strongly turquoise. This went on for a while but i kept visualizing the swirl and colors.
I was feeling great, peaceful and loving. I stopped. Then I felt dizzy so I had some water. Then I played the piece again and I cried. Some notes in the song pull some strings inside of my. There was no particular reason it was just the music piece. Then I realized after dinner I was playing ukulele and music just make me feel so good. I need to play more. Thank you for the activity. I feel really good this morning.

Waiting for my daughter

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