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February 15th, 2012, 10:35 AM
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CD 1 ~ Cycle # 9

Happy Cheap Chocolate Day!!

I'm actually in an amazing headspace today, for it being CD 1. I'm in a fantastic mood and just feeling really good about life.

I have my dog apprenticeship basic class tonight, so that should be --- interesting. This will the first time I have to handle my dog in a style of being a dog trainer .. we also will be switching the dogs around for the different people in my class (so i will take one of their dogs, they'll take someone else's, then someone else will have mine). This will be interesting since several of us have reactive dogs (towards people or other dogs), and mine is also food aggressive around other dogs. This should be fun. But after 4 classes like this, we are hoping to take them on the bus and LRT downtown .. should be interesting - but it will be amazing experience for when we begin to teach our own classes.

Last night was sweet. Even though we don't celebrate Valentine's, my hubby still made a nice dinner and we ate by candlelight.. it was awesome. Sadly, he had to leave after to buy groceries (he does all the cooking, so he does the grocery shopping), and I stayed home with my sick dog (he had been puking most of the day). IT was good nonetheless though.

Moving onto another cycle, another chance. I noticed that we have NOT BD'd at O-1 the entire time I've been charting, so that's my goal this month. And to use the preseed. That is all
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