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February 15th, 2012, 12:19 PM
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Yes, we have a big issue with it with my in-laws. B has physical signs (cerebral palsy) but they refuse to work with her in a way that is safe. For example, she has trouble with her swallowing mechanisms, so we feed her in more of a reclining seat to help things go down, my MIL informed me the other day she had been a parent and not to tell her how to hold the baby as she leaned her forward because the noise she makes when eating is a bit gaggy, well of course everything came right up. She also as weird muscle spasms and we always ask that people who hold her do so where there is nothing she can hit, well my MIL refused to do so. It's so frustrating but at this point if they won't listen I just limit contact and don't share information or put B is a position where they would ask to hold her or feed her.
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