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August 17th, 2006, 04:01 PM
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Tegan -Boys name to me
Delaney - don't like
Monica - forever associated with, er, cigars in my mind It's a gorgeous name though!
Elizabeth - nice name, overused though. Love it as a mn
Ayley - don't like at all...
Lorelei - LOVE! Spell it this way though...the other way looks weird
Leyton - Don't like at all...sounds very masculine and made up
Hadley - Don't like

Holden - don't like
Asher - LOVE! One of my favorite names
Declan - LOVE! Again, one of my favorites!
Talan - Don't like...think of the bratty kid from Laguna Beach
Nathan - OK, but I prefer Nathaniel
Sawyer - Too surnamish...don't like
Seven - Isn't this the name that George Costanza on Seinfeld wanted to name his son but it was stolen? Yes, very much pushing it. Breaking it!
Keiran - Cute!

From your list I like Monica, Elizabeth and Lorelei for girls, And Asher, Declan and Keiran for boys.
If I had to pick one of each I would go with the combos
Monica Elizabeth and Asher Declan
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