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February 15th, 2012, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Tammyms View Post
Just so you ladies know, if there is no treatment available to you close to home you should also be able to claim travel and meal costs
Yup! Mileage to/from the hospital is included as well!!!

here's a link to the IRS website for information on it...

Publication 502 (2011), Medical and Dental Expenses

Basically, from what I see - anything up to 7.5 % of your AGI (annual gross income) is not covered - but anything OVER that if you make $100,000 you can not claim $7,500 of that...(I think)..

However - if you do (from what I can tell) end up itemizing this - you should also include anything else that you pay out of pocket, medical wise too...

for example - I wear a hearing aid - and BATTERIES are tax deductable - which, obviously would never be anywhere near the deduction amount being $10 here and there...but adding my 5 - 6 cases of batteries I buy per year WILL be.

Now - i am using an FSA (flexible spending account) for my acupuncture...and other things (it's got $2750 on it this year) so anything I pay with that card is NOT tax deductable - but if I pay for a session out of pocket, I can keep that information and that'd deductable too!

Again, normally it's not easy to deduct medical expenses - but with the cost of IVF being around OR MORE $10K - aninsaneamountofmoney$$$ you bet your butt i'm going to make sure I keep every last receipt for EVERYTHING this year...medical, dental, fertility, you name it!

as long as - again - it's all Out of Pocket (if insurance pays or if your FSA pays it's not deductable)
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