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February 15th, 2012, 11:05 PM
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Hello Navy Wife. I have twins with my first pregnancy which I didn't found out I was having twins until I was 5 months. I had a c-section. My surgeon did tell me that it was a scary day during my surgery and my uterus was abnormal because it was very thin and it was see thru like looking through a window. She told me to not have any more babies and that it can cause my life.

I did cry for a long time and my twins are now 3 years old. I went back and requested an ultra sound and was told my uterus is normal lining. I did a lot of research as well and with close monitoring and an early scheduled c-section it can be safe but I am still very scared from my last c-section.

I do have a high chance of having twins too in the future since both myself and my husband have twins in our family. How are you doing? I just joined this forum and came upon your blog.

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