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February 15th, 2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ember Rose View Post
Nope. I've gotten two faint positives in the am but I can't seem to get a positive in the afternoon. They won't do blood tests because they say if I'm too early to show on a urine test midday nothing will come up on a blood test.

I feel like I'm losing my baby and no one cares.
Sorry, but that is BS on their part. Beta's are used after m/c to monitor a woman's HCG all the way down to ZERO!! My first beta with my second pregnancy (one of my losses) came back at 20... some pregnancy tests wouldn't even be sensitive enough to pick up a pregnancy until 25. I would raise holy heck to get the labwork done. I don't see why they would be adamant in refusing you, even if they didn't think it was necessary if you are willing to pay for it to be done!! Crazy. Good luck hon, and I hope your lines start getting darker.
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