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February 16th, 2012, 07:09 AM
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Well here is my birth plan...

Mother: Tiffany Lash
Father: Kyle Lash
First off we would like to say thank you to our wonderful birthing team! We chose you because we feel that you are the best fit to help us bring our baby into this world. In the event of an emergency: If the situation becomes life threatening for Tiffany or our baby we will of course yield to any request of life saving intervention, upon the briefest of consultation. In the strong likelihood that we have the normal birth that we are expecting, we ask that you refrain from any routine interventions or measures that we have not previously agreed upon. We would like to thank you again for your support and encouragement during this time.
We would like to be assigned a nurse that enjoys doing natural and non-medicated births.
Since Tiffany will be using hypnosis please refrain from telling her what she will feel. She prefers to have her own experience.
We will be performing various techniques of self- hypnosis and for this reason we ask to be allowed to bring soft music, use dimmed lighting, and ask for the staff to kindly use a low voice - avoiding references to "pain" or "hurting"
Please keep in mind that hypnosis does require a high level of concentration on Tiffany’s part.
Tiffany will be using self-hypnosis to manage her birthing time and may not be immediately responsive to questions during pressure waves. Please wait until her pressure wave ends and her eyes open to converse with her, or feel free to quietly speak to Kyle.
Please do not offer Tiffany any medications for pain, to strengthen pressure waves, or to hurry the birthing process. We are aware that it is available, and will ask about it if necessary.
We ask that Tiffany be allowed to hydrate herself with water or other fluids as desired, and we will be happy to accept a saline lock.
Tiffany would like to be able to move around freely and assume any position that she finds comfortable during the birthing process.
Tiffany prefers to wear her own gown during the birthing process
We would like to decline EFM, and would prefer intermittent monitoring as necessary.
Please do not break Tiffany’s water until just before the baby’s head emerges if her water has not already broken.
We would like to keep vaginal exams to a minimum. We would prefer them to only be done under the following situations: upon admittance to the hospital, if it appears that progress has seriously stalled, and upon Tiffany having the desire to push
Please do not discuss cervical dilation progress or lack of progress (including the number of centimeters dilated or percentage effaced) while in the room with Tiffany.
Pushing and Birth
We ask that during the time that Tiffany is pushing that her pushing be mother directed as we are using hypnosis for childbirth pushing techniques. This means that Tiffany would like to be able to be in a position that is comfortable for her. We also ask the staff not to direct Tiffany on how to push unless an emergency arises.
Tiffany does not want an episiotomy and we do not want a vacuum or forceps to be used on the baby.
Please do not clamp or cut the cord until it has quit pulsing.
We would like for Kyle to be able to cut the cord.
We would also like Tiffany to be able to deliver the placenta naturally without assistance.

We appreciate your patience with us. Thank you for the care we have received during our prenatal visits and in advance for the respect and assurance we know you will provide.

Vivian (6)
Caden (5)
Alex (2)
Maura born 9/11/12

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