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February 16th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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So what is all that cheering and merrymaking about? We finally got an appointment back to Cincinnati!!!!! I am praying that they know more than what the docs here do and that it will lead us toward a path to answers.

We saw endo this morning and I got the Dr quote of the month. "I have to admit...I am also quite confused as to why he sent you here. Cincinnati already ran the tests that I would have run and they were normal. Most children with Endocrine problems are either short and chunky or tall and skinny. He is neither." So...does that mean I get another "I told ya so"? Danny is still losing weight (he is down at least a full pound from his last GI visit and almost a full pound just from his ped visit a week ago. :/ At least the problem will be glaring them in the face when he gets up to Cincinnati.

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