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February 16th, 2012, 02:36 PM
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If I had to choose an age, I'd say 18 months- 2 years is my "goal", but longer is fine with me...

I guess I have a different view than most others here. We follow "baby-led weaning", which to me is a (very log) process that takes place from the start of introducing solid foods, until the child completely weans.

I nurse exclusively until I see that they are ready for solid foods (ie; showing signs of interest, no tongue thrust when food is offered, can sit up unassisted, TEETH, etc..); Any time after 6 months, but roughly between 9 months and a year. and then continue nursing as they lead, as a means of supplementing their solid food intake.

My first weaned due to my milk drying up (being 5 months pregnant) at 14 months old. Honestly, neither of us was ready but it's just the way it happened..

My second just turned 17 months old, and he's still nursing round the clock; Approx every 4 hours. sometimes more, sometimes less. Yes, even at night! He still doesn't eat very consistently, so nursing is my way of ensuring he is getting adequate nutrition... The longer we travel down this path the more I realize how normal this is! Truth is, babies digestive tracks were not designed to go from a liquid (milk) diet to 3 solid meals a day, in less than a months time... it should be more gradual.

I also think our society has the opinion that babies are no longer babies after their first birthday, and that's just not true, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Especially into their second year, they are still VERY much babies! So I think continuing to nurse is only natural.

I like to remind myself that the world wide average for weaning is 4 years old. Not that it's my goal, but if my children choose to nurse that long, (I think ) I'm fine with that.

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