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February 16th, 2012, 02:43 PM
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Can someone give me their interpretation of my chart. Here is my history my shortest cycle is 27, my average is 32, and my longest is 39. I have a 12 day LP. FF said that i ovulated on February 1 but TCOYF said that i ovulated on February 2. I overrided my FF to reflect what TCOYF said because i feel as though i ovulated february 1 because on the 2nd. my cm started drying up. My temp is still high & doubt it will come on today. I don't know whether to just carry af supplies or to run out & by a test lol. We've been so busy this month i don't even remember if we DTD during my fertile time. Any comments would greatly be appreciated.

I went to the doctor today because i've been having sinus issues. They made me take HPT before prescribing me any med's. Urine test was positive ! I became suspicious today because i was 17dpo & my temp was still high !

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