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February 18th, 2012, 07:01 AM
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I hav 2 kids and have tried every kind of birth control there is and if it didn't make me insane from the hormones it just didn't work I hav had the iud for exactly a yr now and hav ben having symptoms of pregnancy for quite some time at first I told myself that it had to b something else going on since I had finally found something tht worked 4 me but a couple wks ago a began having bad morning sickness all the time and tonight I began having growing pains I havnt bled in 3 months my fiancee is worried about us having another child right now but I don't think I culd handle an abortion if there is a good chance my baby can come out healthy I had one second trimester abortion and swore to myself I would never do it again I just can't do it I know he is upset I'm not sure what I should do exactly
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