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February 20th, 2012, 07:32 AM
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Ok .. Back now that I have had time to grab my books ... though I know there is one more I can't put my fingers on at the moment.

First I will say the best piece of advice I got early on was to find a local Moms of Multiples (of Moms of Twins) group. They were a great source of advice too and many clubs do yard sales also where you can get great deals on double the stuff, and I actually was able to go to meeting before and early after they were born. By about 4-5 months or so, I stopped going to meetings, because at 7 PM it was past the babies bedtime and I didn't want to keep them up nd mess up their routine. This link could help you find a club in your area National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc - Home

Ok .. here are the books I have:

Twinspiration - Probably one of my favorites, because it is pretty down to earth advice. She does cover a lot of basic baby stuff too, which was great for me as a first time mom, but you might find unneccesary. She puts a multiples spin on it though, and has random little "Dad" perspective boxes in it also (presumably written by her husband), which I would read to my husband. I like also that she had a little in the back about when they get older. It wasn't much, but got me thinking about some of that.

Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins of More - I found this one to be the hardest read of them. Just not as grab your attention interesting, but it did pack a lot of great info in it, especially on bf'ing if you are planning to breastfeed. To me it spent a lot of time talking about the NICU and issues/problems with babies. That is probably not a bad thing to prepare someone in case, but be prepared also for your twins not to have any issues. Most books seem to focus more on the problems and don't prepare a mom for taking home two healthy babies. But, still, there was good info in here.

Juggling Twins - This was my least favorite of them. She had all these ideas for ways to get "stuff" that I would never do. And if I remember right harped on and on and on about setting up your "help" schedule early. I guess that is good advice if you have help around, but DH and I have no family around and did it fine on our own. She served to do nothing but worry me early on about not having all the things she "suggested" This is the book I can't put my hands on right now, but if I remember right this is the one that did have a decent suggestion list of what you needed to buy now and what could wait until later. As well as how much you really needed with two.

I hope that helps, and again .. congrats!
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