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February 20th, 2012, 10:59 AM
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You can do it. I will clarify one thing though and that is that my DH is a SAHD, so for the 9 weeks I was off work we did have 2 sets of hands 24/7. That helped. He is not good with not sleeping though, so I did all the nights by myself .. I had to be up to nurse them anyway, and in the first month or so he would let me nap for a bit in the day when I could. By about 6-7 weeks I was doing well enough that I didn't have to nap anymore. They were sleeping long enough stretches at night that I would get a few hours in here and a few hours there. Having two sets of hands was definitely helpful, so if you have anyone around that can help even just for a bit during the day to let you rest, that would help. I understand the military thing .. I was Navy for 8 years, so I know well what it is like to be far away. I am no longer active duty, but our closest family is still a 17 hour drive. I have had family here a total of 7 days since they were born.
You can definitely do this without all the night nurses, 3 meals a day brought in, etc, etc that some people talk about. Think now of easy meals. I had a bunch of stuff frozen (love frozen flat meatloaf .. I make 4 at a time now), or think of easy either crockpot meals, or things you can make several hours ahead of time whenever the kids happen to be napping and then just put in the oven at the last minute. DH and I ate our share of frozen chimichangas and sweet potato fries on days where any kind of cooking just didn't happen.
I don't know if your DH is going to be deployed or not when they are young, but I would say if he is in the first couple months, you will probably at least want someone to give you a long enough break to nap now and then during the day/evening. I don't know if you go to church or not there, but I can tell you that if we had asked, I KNOW many of the older women at our church would have jumped at the chance to come hold a baby for a few hours. Even just that ability to take a quick nap will do you wonders.
All that is a LONG 8-9 months off though. In the meantime enjoy carrying these two and all the extra appointments and peeks at the babies you are likely to get
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