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February 20th, 2012, 02:33 PM
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So I been having frequent braxton hicks contractions this weekend.... all I did was rest. Well last night I was getting menstural like cramping also and I had a big glob of stuff came out (possible mucus plug).

I went to my dr this morning to get checked. They checked for uti which was negative and possible bacterial infection (dont have results for that yet). She checked my cervix... she said the outter was soft and dialated some but the inner is still closed. The last time she checked bc of contractions it was both closed. So its a wait and see thing. She told me if my cramping/contractions get worst then go in and still keep the appt for Thurs and she will check me again.

So has anyone else been going through this? What do u think it means with ur outter cervix is soft and dialated some....

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update: My contractions/cramps are back so prob going back to labor and delivery and get checked out! Ugh lets hope for good news and not bad!
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update: morning of 2/21
The contractions calmed down last night so I just stayed home. I have another doctor appt on Thurs morning so we will see.... the only thing is if I do too much they start back up so its prob take it easy for me!

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