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February 20th, 2012, 09:00 PM
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wouldnt relive the first 8 weeks. My other newborns had been easy but these two were so difficult and needy and they never slept. I hate to say it but I dont miss that faze. Mine are almost 17 months too and while they are lots of fun it is crazy. Those to can empty a box of wipes, diapers, tupperware drawer, laundry basket, snack basket, diaper bag, you get the picture, in no time flat. And Im terrified of taking them out this spring when they will actually both be walking places. Leashes??

Still any of it is easier than that pregnancy was and I didnt have any real complications either. Just nearly 9 months of exhaustion, naseau, pain and lack of sleep.

And they are so sweet asleep in a puppy pile. Heck they are even cute when they are pulling eachothers hair and screaming. Gotta love baby brawling.

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