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February 21st, 2012, 12:37 AM
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and I'm only 22 weeks and a few days!
My friend just had her baby all natural. A 7lb few oz baby girl
However, she told me she also hemorrhaged again (she did with her first baby too) and was screaming..a LOT.
LOL I'm such a wimp.. I'm so worried that I can't actually do this.
Then I remind myself that she was also induced, so pitocin was making her contractions stronger..
Labor without pitocin, as far as I can remember, wasn't too bad..until they broke my water. Then I wanted to rip people's heads off..
This time, they won't touch me with any medication unless necessary.. and no breaking my water..
But I can't help but worry I'll wimp out

So far, baby has been measuring smaller than his big sister was. He was 10oz at my 19 1/2 week u/s, which is juuuust right.
I do put faith in measurements up until the end (33+ weeks) because they said my daughter was actually SMALLER at the end.. they couldn't get measurements because she was engaged into my pelvis. But prior to that they were pretty much spot on with guessing her birth weight (8lbs 14oz)
Maybe, just maybe, I'll be blessed with a 7lb-er instead of a 8+ lb baby again..
DD nearly killed me and a baby larger than her poses a huge risk to my health, as my pelvis BARELY fit her and caused serious hemorrhaging for me and shoulder distocia for her.
I just want a perfect birth so I can see what it's like to "really" give birth.
I had to vent. I'm trying to stay strong with my no-epidural decision.

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