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February 21st, 2012, 02:24 AM
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Im a librarian and whilst many of us have tattoos, its made very clear to us that they are not to be visible. Not a huge issue really, we have a strict modesty policy when it comes to dress code and my tattoo is on my shoulder, which have to be covered on everyone at all times anyway.

Other who have them on forearms and legs though have to wear long skirts/pants and long sleeved shirts all the time though.

But yeah, they cant discriminate and not hire us because of them, but as a condition of employment we have to have them covered, which is fine with me.

(as a note, I also have dreadlocks, and as part of the modesty dress code I have to have them wrapped up in a headscarf, so having a shoulder tattoo covered isnt my biggest pain in the backside when it comes to getting dressed)
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