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February 22nd, 2012, 08:22 AM
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Really? Haha some girls are dramatic, sure. Ok, here's the thing. You can reason with a girl! I have two. One more dramatic than the other. You can calmly explain no no, don't rip that! , and they will stop! I've never hidden books from my girls, and c is only 13 mo old. Wyatt, I still get nervous about them, haha, kidding. girls tend to be more independant. I can put my girls down with some toys, and go make dinner. Wyatt is sooooo attached to me that he's still all over me while I'm cooking! It was crazy when he was a baby. They mature faster, and they are easier to potty train. I realize that's not a hard and fast rule. But you take the average girl and the average boy, and the girl is gonna be soooo much easier! I think it goes back to "you can reason with them! Hahaha"

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