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February 22nd, 2012, 08:52 AM
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Girls have more fun with cute clothes but you have the flip side of that and they can get diva picky on what to wear. I have a 3 year old that tells me no she doesn't like that shirt and wants this or that one instead. I think girls are more emotional. But then again most women are in general too. My little one can't have voices raised like she's getting yelled at for getting in trouble or she will look at you and her face starts melting slowly until that dreaded cry comes out and she says mommy is mad at me! Lol it's cute but trying..

Girls are super easy for diaper changing. I've never been sprayed like boys. Just wipe like you would wipe yourself. Nothing hard about that. But long hair can be a task. Mine is almost to the middle of her back with natural curls to it. Cute..
But it has to go in a pony every time she eats or she gets food in it and tangle sprays ARe a daily thing.

I think people are just trying to scare ya. Girls have their issues just like boys do. I think they are easy but remember.....traditionally as they get older you have proms and high school dances and weddings to pay for! Lol.


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