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February 22nd, 2012, 09:03 AM
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girls are harmless. you will love your little sugar lump!

my daughter really only cried something chronic when she had colic. that lasted a couple weeks. end of. she is not a tantrum queen. she is my only child, and while she has every means to be spoiled, she is anything but. she is kind, gentle, sharing, loving, and a little love bug, through and through.

i hear the mama boy thing a thousand times a day. i think it goes both ways. my child while she loves her daddy and is very much a daddies girl, she prefers her mama any day of the week. there is a strong bond with mothers and daughters, no daddy can compete with. your little girl will go to you if she falls and hurts herself. because mama's are more gentle than a daddy can be. when your child falls for her first crush, who will she confide in? her mama! telling her daddy she likes a boy is a bit embarrassing, so you get to share those little secrets together. and that bond will only grow stronger with age. my daughter who is only 5 is my little bestie, theres is nothing that can come between that.

girls also look amazing in mud and wellies or a full on tutu. they get the best of both worlds. my baby is my little tom boy, she loves to go frog hunting and hiking and spashing puddles. but, she's also an amazing little talented girl. at the age of 3 she was doing cartwheels, she dances like a dream and at the end of the year those recitals will melt your heart. and learning is so much fun. my babes is hands on, and already reading. her hand writing is better than her daddies, which doesnt say much, but she's amazing. girls are just really easy to teach and they catch on like a breeze.

i'm not at all biased, really.

regardless of the gender, i think people are pulling your chains. either that, or they really do have little terrors, and thats just a product of how they bring up their own children. you can have really sweet, loving boys or girls, but it takes effort on your side. i've been to a lot of birthday parties or just waiting for my daughters dance class to finish and the parents are so detached and irritable and that reflects on their children, so much. they lash out and its so sad. but i don't blame the child. i look to their parents and thats usually telling.
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