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February 22nd, 2012, 09:40 AM
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I love having little girls! My 2 are pretty different from each other. Violet is more emotional (but she's also almost 2, so she's kinda hitting tantrum age) and way more attached to me. She loves DH, but I'm the person she cuddles with all day long.

Lily is more independent and active. She is a total daddy's girl, but when she is hurt or sad, she calls for me first.

Both girls are picky about their clothes. Lily is 3.5 and I let her pick most of her clothes at the store (she mainly picks things that I like and I have veto power anyway ). Both are very into dresses and Lily is very into having her hair done daily (like in French braids, twists, any princess-y hairstyle).

Both love princesses, dressing up and baby dolls. But they also love Tae Kwon Do and trains, etc.

I've only had girls, so I have no idea if it's a girl thing or not, but both my girls were fully potty trained (including nights) by 18 months old. Both catch on to things super fast. Violet is not yet 2 and she can easily assemble 48+ piece jigsaw puzzles. Lily is 3.5 and can do ones over 100 pieces. Lily is reading and she's been able to write all her letters for over a year. Violet knows all her letters, colors, shapes, numbers, etc but can't always enunciate them clearly (she's a slower talker compared to Lily).

Never had an issue with diaper changing. You just want to make sure to wipe them front to back. Oh, and newborn girls sometimes have a "period" in the first week or so of life as the hormones go out of their body, so it may look bloodyish. That's totally normal though.

I will admit that I'm a little terrified of the teenage years since we'll have two of them right together, but I really really love having my girls.

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