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February 22nd, 2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by muffin300 View Post
I have thought the same things. DS has so much of my personality, I just know this one will get DHs stubborn side lol. either way I am feeling better and excited again thank you ladies so much. and as far as hair goes if she takes after me and DS she won't have much to worry about till shes about 4 lol. but once it hits it will be crazy town! both DH and I have suuper curly hair. and I still remember sobbing while my mom brushed mine. she would threaten to shave it off if I tried not to let her brush it hah that usually got me.
My advice on the hair is get her used to you brushing it and putting it up, etc from a really early age. I did that with both my girls and they both pretty much leave it alone and don't whine about having it brushed, etc. They're just used to "ok, it's time to do your hair now" and they stand still for it and everything. Even if they don't have much hair (Vi still doesn't have much at 23 months old), just brush what little they have, so they're used to that.

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