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February 23rd, 2012, 08:29 AM
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hey guys I'm new on here,needed sum support from other's in my situation.. Where do I begin..*sigh*!
Well me(21) and my fiance(22) have been trying for a baby since july 2010.
I went to the doctors about it and they did blood test and everything came back normal, which
means there is no diagnosis for my infertility doctor just said keep trying and keep healthy diet,bla,bla,blaaa...
Its really getting to me becuase I come from a very fertile family. Just one look @ a guy and there pregnant.
And I don't mean 2 b so awful but I wonder why culdnt sum1 else go fru this y me,I love kids
and I'm in engaged and working the majority of people getting pregnant around me are on walfare and some r getting abortions
Don't get me wrong I am happy 4 the one's who keep there child but I just want 2 share my joy 2..
SORRY 4 DA LONG STORY (LOL). Just needed 2 get that out of my system.

Plz ladies need ur support.
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