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February 23rd, 2012, 07:22 PM
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HUGE slacker here! Hahaha. I guess not much to report on. Today I am 15 weeks, well tomorrow according to the OBGYN but I will stick with my calculations lol, even though it's just a day, I will be stubborn and say Aug 16 will be the day haha. I've still been feeling some "morning sickness" on and off throughout my days. Thankfully I still have some Zofran saved up to last me a couple weeks.

There have been 2 times where I am pretty sure I have felt our lil one in there. It hasn't been a movement big enough to make me say "Oh yea that was the baby FOR SURE" but I'm about 85% sure it was the baby and not gas. I cannot wait to feel it more often and KNOW it's him/her.

We find out in 25 days boy or girl! I cannot wait. I'm so anxious. Just about all of us reefer to the baby as him, not too sure what we're all going to do if he is indeed a she!! Anyhow I couldn't find the black shirt I have been taking weekly photos in so I took one tonight with my shirt pulled up. Hopefully tomorrow I can take one with the black shirt to add to my weekly timeline. Ohhhh and I'm starting to get some major stretch marks. I thought I would be fine with them, they're supposed to be lovely, a good thing, but I'm having a hard time dealing. I try to remember my Bio Oil and Palmers, but I'm really bad at keeping up with it. You'd think with all my recent worry about these tiger stripes I would remember more, but I still don't


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