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February 26th, 2012, 08:57 AM
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I have been putting off starting one of these, because I kept telling myself that I would be pregnant soon enough and wouldn't need a TTC journal. Well, after a year of TTC and a miscarriage last cycle, I have finally decided to go ahead and start one. I still hope it doesn't get very long though

I am Jenny, I'm 29 now, and my husband, Scott, is 35. We were married in Las Vegas on December 10, 2008. I was in a very bad marriage right after college, and that experience makes me appreciate Scott even more every day. We live in Iowa, and have a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher, Max, and 2 cats - Sammy and Buddy. I work in biotechnology, and Scott co-owns a trim carpentry/painting company. We are huge sports fans, and spend our summers camping and boating.

We have not used any form of birth control since we got married, and started actively TTC (temping, opks) in January 2011. After a long year of BFNs, we started some fertility testing in January 2012. Scott's SA was good - slightly low motility and slightly high pH, but we were told it wasn't bad enough to affect fertility. I was diagnosed with PCOS on Feb. 1, and prescribed metformin. I wasn't convinced that the diagnosis was accurate, and wanted to discuss my test results with my doctor in person before starting the metformin. I didn't get the chance to do so, however, as I got my first ever BFP on Feb. 5.

Unfortunately, my first pregnancy ended in my first miscarriage at 6 weeks. On Feb. 21, I started spotting. I went in for an u/s, which showed a sac measuring only 4w3d The spotting quickly turned into bleeding, and by Feb. 24, my hcg was down to 135. I cried for two whole days, and am still going through the grieving process, but we do want to get right back to TTC. So, here I am, on CD 6, wondering when I will O, hoping to catch the window of elevated fertility that I hear can follow a miscarriage.
Jenny (34) & Scott (40)
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Very faint 2/21/17 (5dp5dt)
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