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February 26th, 2012, 05:08 PM
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I spotted CD 20-26 this month--off and on, but all light brown spotting (blood mixed with CM, faint amount) It's CD 36 now and I'm still getting BFN's. Starting to just think there is something wrong with me as it's been so long since IB.

Anyone know what day of ib the egg is considered to be officially implanted (I.e. in my case is it CD 20 or CD26. Just wondering in case it can help explain how I could still possibly be pregnant even though it's been 17 days since IB first showed, and still getting BFNs (AF was due CD 28, or about 9 days ago!)

If implanted CD 20 and started producing hcg, seems like I wouldve gotten a BFP by CD 36. But, if implanted the 26, there could presumably still be hope(???)
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