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February 27th, 2012, 04:35 AM
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Hi ladies, thank u so much 4 answering my thread really appreciate
Message 2 LEELEE.. Hi there, did u eva have problems conceiving your 1st?
And with low progesterone is there a medication dat can boost your chances?
also am goin to the doctors on the 5th march. She going to check my temperature and do anuva blood test 4 progesterone.
I'm actually hoping I have something diagnosed coz then I wil be helpd. Hopefully get chlomid or something..FX'd..
Message 2 chublet: hey, everymonth wen AF cums I cry its awful to no there's nuffin wrong wid me and i just won't conceive.
You hav had it bad though. your in my prayers.. I wish u the most baby dust n luck.xx
I hope march is "OUR" month ladies... Would be amazing to all get pregnant soon.x
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