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February 28th, 2012, 06:55 PM
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I just wanted to introduce myself to this board. I have only been on here about a month and only have posted i ttc your first child. My name is Christa (26) and DH (30) married 4 and a half yrs and we have actually been TTC about 3 yrs with no success so far. We have seeked fertility help and been testing and r both fine. We have.tried different medicine and one IUI cycle all with no luck. DH is wonderful and so supportive and positive and i have had several wanting to.give.up moments. I think i am now to the point though where I am realizing i am only 26 (just turned Saturday) and some people don't even have there first until late 20's early 30's and if the.Drs say we r fine then it JUST MUST NOT BE the right time. My husband says " the drs aren't ready to give up so neither am I". Gosh I love him. Anyways this is our story and i.can't wait to hear all of yours. I have always seemed to have a hars time when friends and family would tell me about them.getting pregnant s fast(so incredibly ans honestly happy for them just hard at times) but now simce my.eyes have.started viewing TTC differently I am.really excited about hearing success stories. It gives me hope and makes me smile.sorry so long but can't wait to meet everyone. Oh we did actually get pregnant one time 9 months ago (a month after I had a laporoscopy and hysteroscopy to remove a.pullop blocking my left tube 100%) but it m/c at 6 weeks :-( thank u all.for taking the.time to say hi and read my story.
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