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March 1st, 2012, 07:41 PM
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On top of some of what was already said a great way to make a meal go further is biscuits and breads. I make biscuits a lot, really simple and pretty fool proof. For tacos I add diced potatoes, it's more filling then rice and makes the ground beef go a lot further. Sometimes I even make potato tacos, just season them with some taco seasoning and they are amazing. Enchilada soup, classic twist on chicken noodle, add a can of enchilada sauce, serve with crushed tortilla chips (or make your own) and top with a little cheese. Breakfast for dinner, nothin' wrong with pancakes, actually it's the only time I get them because I am not breakfast eater.

I make this odd thing but it taste amazing and happened one night cause my cupboards were bare and it's all I had. I had those multi-colored noodles, some tuna (you can leave this out) some real bacon bits from salads we had a few night before, parmesean and garlic mixed it all together with a little oil to help it hold together and it has now become a favorite.

I'm sure there is more but that is what is coming to mind at the moment.
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