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March 3rd, 2012, 02:31 PM
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My last "normal period" was between 12-27&12-30. I usually bleed very heavy for 3 days. On 1-31 I started my last period and only bled very lightly for one day. This is NOT normal. On 2-16 I started spotting a light brown color the morning after my fiancÚ and I had intercourse. It only lasted for one day and was only visible when I wiped. I was also feeling extremely nausiated and normal foods I like I didnt. All smells of foods made me feel sick. This lasted for about a week. I've now been feeling lower back pain, tightness in my lower abdomen, a headache everynight for one hour at 7-8pm, heartburn,a "butterfly" feeling in my lower abdomen as well. I now cannot seem to find foods that satisfy my taste, I am 3 days late for my period for February, my nipples are sensitive but my breasts are not sore. Two weeks ago I took two pregnancy tests, both negative. And this morning I took another and it is also negative. My reason for concern is I have never spotted in between periods and I have had normal periods since the age of 9. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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