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March 3rd, 2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by frgsonmysox View Post
Wow.... i'm surprised they let you have a vaginal with a placental abruption. Thats normally an emergency c-section. An HOUR to get stitched up!? What?! I was cut from stem to stern and my doctor only took about 15 minutes. You poor woman
I asked them about that because i had been told that I would have a c-sec if i ever had lots of bleeding (back when my placenta was marginal). The OB said that the initial bleeding wasn't important enough to let them think that i wouldn't be able to have a vaginal birth but the clot they found behind the placenta made them think that they had taken a risk. So I guess i was lucky.

As for the 1 hr reconstruction down there, I think its because it was an intern doing the job. i had no reference to how long it could take so I thought it was normal.
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