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March 5th, 2012, 12:15 PM
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This is my 5th pregnancy with 2 previous c sections. I have a history of larger babies. My first was 9.9 and my second was 8.1. Not huge but they were on the larger side. My 3rd daughter, they realized I had a history of large births and tested me at 12 weeks for GD which I was positive.

They induced my labor with her at 39 weeks and after 24 hours they couldnt get my water to break or get her to engage. I had a c section with her and then was pregnant 3 months later with my son. Also a GD baby and repeat section.

This pregnancy has been nuts so far. I've had a bacterial infection which Im almost done with my meds YAY!, Low progesterone, random bleeding, of course GD. This delivery will also be by section.

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