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March 5th, 2012, 12:53 PM
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I had a bath ring for my older ones and never really liked it. They were slippery and that thing didn't provide enough support for when they fell, and then it was hard to untangle them from the silly thing.

I liked the mesh bathers. Hubby bathed twins usually though! The answer there is one at a time. I had to laugh because at the baby shower my hubby's co-workers threw for us, one of the ladies got us TWO bath tubs. One was pink and the other was blue. I'm like, really? I need two tubs? Because I can bathe two babies at once? Um... no! LOL So we took one back to the store and got a Moby Wrap instead.

We've switched to taking them in the shower with us. With seven people in our household, separate baths were just hard to schedule in... plus Lynndi still screamed bloody murder every time we'd put her in.

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