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March 5th, 2012, 05:47 PM
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The babies' birthdays!
If you would like to have your baby's birthday added to this list please post to this thread or drop me a PM.

January Birthdays!
January 26 Zeb (Pbear31)
January 29 Nadine and Esme (michelle_m)

February Birthdays!
February 9 Carter (HeatherW)
February 9 Victor (Elsa)
February 10 Emerson (*~~Shannon~~*)
February 13 Logan (LuvsPecanPie)
February 16 Oliver (tetchy)
February 21 Ewan (Minilegs)
February 24 Hayden (happymommy2010)
February 24 Cooper (daisyjay2)
February 26 Andrew (SarahLMC)
February 28 Avery (SEAmomma)

March Birthdays!
March 1 Oliver (spicymustard)
March 1 Brody (Adelyns_Mommy)
March 3 Levi (DCMommy)
March 4 Autumn Rayne (stardusthealer)
March 4 Wyatt (HorseGal)
March 4 Josh (adamsgirl)
March 6 Kaylee (Kiwi_Love)
March 6 Brycen (BB4CaLs)
March 7 Michael (Lillys_Mommy1010)
March 7 Eliana (*Rosie*)
March 9 Whitney (WhitneysMommy2011)
March 9 Elisabeth (douglas678)
March 9 Julien (~Caroline~)
March 9 Magnus (aitch)
March 11 Zane Sebastian (*Sharon*)
March 11 Joshua (jamieg10)
March 14 Reagan (ReaganorDean)
March 14 Laikon (Hannah-Banana)
March 16 Shawn (pattyandthemoos)
March 18 Elizabeth (Rabbit8)
March 22 Christopher (Pammie)
March 23 Alyssa (Jennowznm)
March 24 Annabelle (Leah1216)
March 25 Peter (stargatemommy)
March 26 Mackenzie (katidid622)
March 31 Carlos (miamor)

April Birthdays!
April 2 Rebecca Kathleen (KAB)
April 5 Alaina (Danijoy84)
April 7 Oliver (mommy2olliebeans)
April 7 Marcus (SusanMichelle)
April 12 Zoeyanne and Paige (CrystalAnne)
April 16 Ryan (mandattu_02)
April 22 Orion (cheezpoofs)
April 25 John (MrsB)
April 26 Aurelia (Darwin)
April 26 Jack (lindsaylyn)
April 28 Liam Charles (SarieP)

May Birthdays!
May 5 Max (lex1078)
May 10 Lillian Marie (eiramillek)
May 10 Evelyn Juniper (PennyLynn)
May 11 Leiland (Sarah_S)
May 11 Claire (AmyLM)
May 13 Amelie (Daria26)
May 16 Olivia (l1i2v3)
May 21 Sophie (sophiesmommy)
May 24 Kelsey Jo (SaraB32)
May 25 Zach (wag2010)
May 27 Elly (~mommy~)

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