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March 9th, 2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by i3ai3ydanny View Post
That is how Danny reacts to milk as well... I agree with them...try to see if they will do the training and get familiar with what she can't have. Make sure they know to check ingredient labels. Less than 2% is still too much for her to have. They may try to sneak things in occasionally to "see what happens". I had family do that for a while...we stopped seeing that side of the family for months afterward until they got it... I know that isn't an option but they either need to ensure that they can keep it 100% out of allow you to bring her food...

I 100% agree. My daughter has had a week long hive, sinus infection, infected eczema reaction because of ONE corner of a sour cream and onion pringle. I swiped it out of her mouth but she got enough. Its not about the amount of an allergen at all. Print the documentation and have a serious sit down with them. Any dairy to an allergic child is too much dairy.
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