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March 9th, 2012, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by angelsailor288 View Post
Thanks ladies I'm so sad.
E. B. Gormley Funeral - Thats his obit and stuff.

The whole story now that I have it, is so devastating. It was his mom and dads anniversary that day.. he was leaving to go somewhere with his 2 friends who were behind him on their bikes. They were literally no more than 1 minute from his house. He hit a little fall in the road with some rocks and got thrown off the bike, and instead of the bike going forward it followed him sideways. He slammed into a mailbox and some rocks, the bike landed on him and crushed his chest. His mom was driving home and no more than 5 mins after it happened she was going past and saw him on the road... I mean seriously, can you imagine??? That poor sweet mother.

I'm really getting depressed
Oh my Gosh! I cannot even believe what I just read. What mother deserves to see their child like that? I get sick just picturing it. It is at these moments when we wonder where God was at that time. However, I totally believe that this young man was too good for this life, he has gone to a better place and God did take him away to be one of his angels. Those who pass away, feel no pain emotionally, however, it is the ones that are left with his memory. His mom will be haunted for life and I wish u and her the best of luck. I really am at a loss for words right now.......
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